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Welcome to Kiwa KOAC, your road construction partner
Kiwa KOAC is the commercial services provider with research facilities and expertise in a broad field of the mobility infrastructure sector. We work for and with all parties active in the field of roads, airports, industrial estates and dike revetments. We are the only company to cover consultancy, research, road monitoring, laboratory research, quality supervision of works, through to the transfer of knowledge.
We work at continuous improvement of our products and monitoring tools to enhance our service to our clients. We do so by deploying the experience, creativity and innovation of our employees. In cooperation with other companies, we focus on a broader range of services.
In all our activities, we aim for an effective balance between corporate social responsibility and healthy profits. We strive for an inspiring working atmosphere in which teamwork leads to the best possible solutions. 
6 February 2018
Reduction of cracking in cement bound reclaimed asphalt road bases

At 14 December 2017 the MSc student Gianpaolo Baggio defended his master thesis on the prediction of ... [more]
25 January 2018
New design method for road base reinforcement

Early studies on the utility of geocells and geogrids in reinforced road bases and the reinforcement ... [more]
23 November 2017
Effect of climate change on road infrastructure

 The climate change debate has moved away from whether or not there is evidence of climate change to ... [more]

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