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Reduction of cracking in cement bound reclaimed asphalt road bases (06-02-2018)
At 14 December 2017 the MSc student Gianpaolo Baggio defended his master thesis on the prediction of transverse cracking of ... [more]
New design method for road base reinforcement (25-01-2018)
Early studies on the utility of geocells and geogrids in reinforced road bases and the reinforcement mechanisms were carried ... [more]
Effect of climate change on road infrastructure (23-11-2017)
 The climate change debate has moved away from whether or not there is evidence of climate change to what must be done to ... [more]
Kiwa Polymer Institut and KOAC•NPC test road base structures (04-08-2016)
The Kiwa divisions Polymer Institut in Germany and Infra & Sport (KOAC•NPC) in the Netherlands ran a successful cooperative ... [more]
Visit by Zhejiang Provincial Highway Management (14-12-2015)
On December 10, 2015 KOAC•NPC received a delegation from the Zhejiang Provincial Highway management bureau from China. The ... [more]
KOAC•NPC organises European Proficiency Testing (PT) scheme (24-09-2015)
KOAC•NPC organises this year for the sixth time an European Proficiency Testing (PT) scheme. This PT scheme provides a wide ... [more]
Innovative maintenance of transport infrastructure (30-04-2015)
At 22nd-23rd April 2015, some 110 transport infrastructure research experts from Europe and beyond met for the 2015 FEHRL ... [more]
Tighter budgets - another look at maintenance (12-01-2015)
Much has changed in the financial area by the recession that has hit us the last couple of years. The budgets that road ... [more]
Botox for Emerparklaan (10-11-2014)
In the northwest of Breda, the Netherlands, you may find the of seven districts consisting residential area the Hague Beemden. ... [more]
Helpdesk Quality Assurance Road Construction (27-10-2014)
At the annual Dutch exhibition “Day of the Public Space” (“Dag van de Openbare Ruimte”), 8 and 9 October 2014 in Houten, the ... [more]
Rutting in block paving (15-09-2014)
The last couple of years, KOAC•NPC is increasingly approached by various municipalities facing premature rutting in roads ... [more]
Glass foam in Hoorn, the Netherlands (01-09-2014)
Foam glass is a lightweight fill material that is very suitable for use under roads and terrain elevations in areas with a soft ... [more]
Balance environment and traffic safety (04-08-2014)
On August 1 2014, Milad Elias successfully completed his MSc thesis "The balance between environmental impacts and traffic ... [more]
Zero condition permeable block paving (31-07-2014)
Some years ago permeable block pavements were built in the Johanna van Meurs street and the Philips van Horne street in Weert, ... [more]
Expert on market of asset management systems (31-03-2014)
    If you are told that you as KOAC•NPC currently are the expert on the market of integrated asset management ... [more]
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